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Serving Los Angeles Since 1945

Since 1945 we have served Los Angeles. From the beginning our store has specialized in both American made restaurant furniture and high quality imported furniture. We believe that quality furniture isn't a matter of location, but of hard work and the exceptionally high standards of countless furniture makers worldwide. We pride ourselves in identifying and supporting such builders and maintaining a tradition of quality and customer service. We don't simply carry the finest restaurant furniture available today, we have decades of experience that can't be matched in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Our Store - 1945

Customer Service

We have the best customer service in the industry. You can't keep a business as long as we have without putting your customers first. We strive to make lifelong friends and business partners that will always come to us with their restaurant furniture needs. We have done this since the beginning and will continue this into the future.

We are pleased to know that so many first time restaurateurs trust us to help make their dreams a reality and that many established brands also feel confident in carrying our products at multiple locations. Not many others can say that and we are proud to be amongst that select few.

Our Experience

This is about more than simply selling you a piece of restaurant furniture, it is about the pride we take in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into every piece of furniture on our showroom floor. We know the material that went into building it, and exactly how it was built. In fact, in order to bring you the best quality possible we have designed many of those pieces ourselves and worked closely with their builders

We have made restaurant furniture for decades, so it is something we truly understand. The economics of our state unfortunately keep us from practicing the craft we love, but when working with our builders we make sure to still bring that experience and adoration.

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